Saldanha Bay

Port Facilities [click here for more info]
No. of Berths 1 Tanker, 2 Iron Ore, 4 Multi Purpose
Bar Draught Tanker: Docking 20.5m / sailing 21.5m tidal
Iron Ore Terminal: Docking 20.5m / sailing 21.5m tidal
MPT 201: Docking 12m / sailing 12m
MPT 202-203: Docking 13.5m / sailing 13.5m
Inner Anchorage: Saldanha Bay side 10.5m / Langebaan side 16.0m
Berth Draught On application
Maximum Beam N/A
Maximum Length 350m
Bunkers Not available
Off-Port Limits Not available – only at inner anchorage (in Port Limits)
Water Available at all berths
Repair Facilities Only for minor repairs
Anchorage Safe inner anchorage (3). Only safe anchorage outside of St Helena Bay, 6 hours steaming from Pilot Station
Main Cargoes Iron ore, crude oil, lead, copper, zinc concentrates, mineral sands (zircon, chloride, sulphate, rutile), steel coils, sheeting, granite