Cape Town

Port Facilities [click here for more info]
No. of Berths 32
Bar Draught 13.1m at high water
Berth Draught On application
Maximum Beam No restrictions
Maximum Length No restrictions – continuous quay for some berths
Bunkers Bunkers are supplied ex shore pipeline at Eastern Mole No. 1/2 and Lading Wall No. 1/3. All other berths are serviced by Barge
Off-Port Limits Serviced by helicopter – launch on 24 hour basis
Water Available at most berths ex quay
Repair Facilities Repair quay – 4 berths available
Anchorage No restrictions, Port Control to advise safe anchorage position
Main Cargoes Fruit, molasses, maize, rice, barley, wheat, soya bean meal, soda ash, chemicals, granite, steel billet, scrap steel, timber