Richards Bay

Port Facilities
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No. of Berths 17 Berths: 606-608 & 706-708 [Multi Purpose berths] / 609, 701-705, 801, 804 [Bulk Import & Export], 208 [chemical tanker], 209 [chemical tanker & bunkers] / Small Craft [repair quay]
Maximum Draft Berth: 606-608, 706-708 = 13.5m / 609, 701 = 14.0 m / 702-705, 801, 804 = 17.5m / 208 = 14.0m / 209 = 12.5m / Small Craft Repair Quay = 7.5m
Maximum Deadweight Berth: 606-609, 701, 705-708, 209, Small Craft Repair Quay = 50,000mt / 702-704 = 90,000mt / 801, 804 = 65,000mt / 208 = 75,000mt
Maximum Displacement Berth: 606-609, 701, 705-708, Small Craft Repair Quay = 65,000mt / 702-704 = 150,000mt / 801, 804 = 85,000mt / 208 = 90,000mt / 209 = 67,000mt
Maximum Beam No limitations unless vessel is to load via shore conveyor, where a maximum reach applicable per appliance [on application]
Maximum Length Berth: 606-607, 701, 703-704 = 200m / 608, 707 = 190m / 609, 801, 804 = 230m / 702 = 270m / 705, 706, 708, Small Craft Repair Quay = 180m / 208-209 = 225m
Bunkers Fuel Oil & Gas Oil supplied by barge while vessel alongside a berth (supply at anchorage not permitted)
Off-Port Limits Launch Boat services available for Crew Changes & minor Victuals
Water Fresh Water available at all berths via hose from shore connection
Repair Facilities No dedicated facility, although repairs possible by arrangement
Anchorage Anchorage is 3–6 nautical miles south east of the southern breakwater. Anchorage immediately to the north of the entrance channel is prohibited due to the location of an off-shore pipeline. The current anchorage positions are with reference to the South Breakwater. From the South Breakwater between the bearings of 140o and 180oT and distance 4 to 6 nautical miles
Main Cargoes Exports Bulk / Breakbulk / Liquid Export: Coal, Anthracite, Phosphate Rock, Chrome Ore, Titanium Slag, Ilmenite, Sulphate, Zircon Sand, Rutile Sand, Vermiculite, Chloride, Fertiliser, Urea, Andalusite, Magnetite, Manganese Ore, Woodchips, Ferro Alloys, Ferro Manganese, Silicon Manganese, Pig Iron, Woodpulp, various other Forestry products, Steel Coils, Steel Sheets, Steel Sections, various other Steel commodities, Aluminium Ingots, various other Aluminium commodities, Granite, Pipes, Carborundum, Containers (small scale), Project  cargo, Phosphoric Acid, Acetone, Hexene, Octene, Propanol, Sabutol, Mek, Ethanol, Safol, Ethyl Acetate
Main Cargoes Imports Bulk / Breakbulk / Liquid Import: Sulphur, Coking Coal, Metcoke, Alumina, Petroleum Coke, Alumina Tri-Floride, Phosphate Rock, Salt, Fertilizer, Potash, Urea, Ilmenite, Cement Clinker, Wheat/Grain, Woodpulp,  Granite (small scale), Containers (small scale), Project Cargo, Heavy/Abnormal Loads, Caustic, Dow Therm, Portable Alcohol, LPG, Butadiene, Ammonia
Port Facilities
[RBCT Shipping Regulations]
No. of Berths 6 (berths 301 – 306)
Bar Draught 17.5m (up to 18m weather permitting on application)
Berth Draught On application
Maximum Beam 47.25m or at the Coal Terminal’s discretion
Maximum Length N/A
Bunkers Limited fuel oil and gas oil (supplied by Barge)
Off-Port Limits By helicopter
Water Available at all berths
Repair Facilities No dedicated facility, repairs by arrangement
Anchorage Suggested anchorage is 3 – 5 nautical miles south east of the south breakwater. Anchorage immediately to the north of the entrance channel is prohibited due to the location of an off-shore pipeline
Main Cargoes Coal