Port Facilities

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No. of Berths 13 at Point, 15 at Maydon Wharf, 9 at Island View, 4 at BMA, 6 at Container Terminal
Bar Draught 16m at the entrance channel
Berth Draught On application
Maximum Beam 60m berthing / sailing is based on pilots discretion
Maximum Length No restriction – however night time berthing / sailing is based on pilots discretion)
Bunkers Available at allocated berths and not permitted at outer anchorage
Off-Port Limits Yes
Water Available and supplied at all berths
Repair Facilities Dry-dock, 2 floating docks and 2 repair quays – repair quay 1 (RQ1) and repair quay 2 (RQ2)
Anchorage Unprotected
Main Cargoes Containers, agri products, vehicles, forestry products, ferro alloys, coal steel, general