Maputo Port Information  

Mozambique Port Depth at Berth
 MPDC Port Operating Guidelines (POG)

Entrance Width: 120.0 m
Depth of Channel: 11.0 m + Tide
Max Draft: 12.2 m
Tide Variance: 0.6 – 3.90 m
Density  of Water: 1018 – 1025
Quality of Bottom: Soft Mud
Draft up to 10.00 m: No restriction
Draft btwn 10 – 12.20 m: Depending on tide
Draft btwn 12.20 -12.50 m: Tide over 3.0 m, at Port’s discretion / advance confirmation
Anchorage: Unprotected
Max Beam: 32.50 m
Beam over 32.50 m: At Port’s discretion / advance confirmation
Operation: 24 Hrs
Max Loa Permissible: 235.0 m
Pilotage Vs Weather: Cease if wind over 30 knots
Security Level: MARSEC Level 1
Port Limit: Buoy No.6 / PBG / NOR
  • At the discretion of the Port the Max Draft can increase to 12.2-3m but this subject to advance agreement and only when high tide is over 3.0m.
  • At Maputo port the Alumina is discharged solely from Mozal Termina – Matola

Weather Pattern

  • Maputo receives rain all year round however it intensifies during the summer months (November to March) when cyclones also known to migrate down the Mozambique channel.
  • During the winter months cold fronts are experienced every so often and these spells are usually coupled with spells of rain.
  • The windy months are between August to Oct where strong to gale winds often apparent.

Mozal Terminal / Berth / Cargo Details

Mozal Berth
Length: 235.0 m
Beam: 32.2 m
Max Draft: 12.0 m
Air Draft: 15.7 m
  • Terminal Max Draft can increase to 12.2-3m subject to advance agreement and only when high tide is over 3.0m
  • Attached berths Port info showing berth name/length/desination/ depth
  • Also attached the updated Port’s Guideline, whereon you can also capture some of the required info.

Discharge Method at Mozal

  • Alumina is discharged by 1 or 2 Pneumatic vacuum appliances  which travel alongside the quay so no shifting or warping of the vessel required.
  • Product is transported direct from vessel via shore conveyor to Receiver’s storage silos.
  • Alumina achieves approx 500Tph across the vessel.

Maputo main port has no shore cranes available hence all vsl’s are to be geared.

There are only two Shore Mobile cranes capacity 40 and 50 Mts but in most of times are out of order hence not trustable.

Working hours during

  • Weekday & Weekends 2x 12 Hr shifts   (07h00-19h00 /19h00-07h00)
  • Port usually closes only on Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.

Bunkering Options – MDO is supplied by road tankers alongside at the working berth. IFO at this stage not available.

Repair Facilities: Not Available in port. There is a dry dock in port but only serving to small national vsls due to its restriction regarding time of use since vsls use to be in for a couple of days when in servicing.